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Fall 2006

    Semester 2 of college is almost completed and I am sitting here in my dorm listening to music as I have done on numerous occasions, but this time I feel myself reflecting on all that is lost. Amy and I went to AMC yesterday where we found the seats in the parking lot, the insides torn out, our memories broken and shattered just as the front doors are. As much as we all knew it would end we always hoped it never would. We said when it was gone we'd be happy....what a bunch of lies. It just feels like every time I get secure and comfortable, it breaks open. This random onset of emotion is mostly brought on by the fact that in a week I will be moving. Yes, in one week I will move out of my dorm...the one place that has felt like home in quite some time. Yes, I will adapt because I do it well but i still reminice about the old times we all used to have.
What I am leaving here is more than a room in a building, it is a family that was forged through experiencing many things together. Not only did we have loads of fun and get caught doing things we should have been doing in the first place, but it was a feeling that i can hardly describe. We lived together we coexisted and I care for these people more than I can understand. I suppose I was honestly blessed with great roommates and great friends here in Miami.
    No, I do not regret my decision to move, I still feel it is right and the best thing for me. Yet again I pack everything of importance to me into small boxes, it is a strange feeling.

~I miss you...I just do.
~Time is limited
~Orlando, ready or not here I come.
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