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Alright so it is sunday and i have officially been here a week. my mom is going to have to stay with me for a week. the first day i was here i got stuck 5 times by nurses and by stuck i mean stabbed with needles and proded with iv's. and the worst of all is something they call a picc line

They stick a tube that is pretty wide and they used an ultrasound machine to fine a wide vein. then they stuck it in my arm and tried to numb it but that didnt work very well. this procedure causes imense pain, but saves you from getting stuck so many times. I must admit that i cried a lot when they put this in. it was 38 centimeters and you may think that isnt a lot but it is 14.9 inches. of a blue tube that goes from your arm into your chest. I was almost sure this was the worst pain i could endure until last night when they took it out. good God! The worst part is that i am alergic to the good med's like vicoden and dilauded, which are pretty awesome narcotics. and all i can take is tylenol. because alieve and alll that stuff is a blood thinner. basically this whole week has sucked, they put me on happy anti depressent and anti anxiety pills. but it doesnt really help. i slept for an hour last night it was an absolutley horrid night. but i will be going home today. at some point. and i cant move to much so i dont forsee this as even a decent recovery. but whatever. i have to come to the hospital every 3 days for a while for them to check my INR which is how fast my blood clots and all that jazz.  blah to all this screw getting sick. and i think the part that makes me the most mad is they have noooo idea why this happened which freaking sucks. grrrrr.
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